Jem-Truely Outrageous!

The Misfits

Pizzazz is the leader of the Misfits.She is daddy's little girl and she is very rich. She uses her father and her wealth to try and outdo Jem. Her plans have never succeeded.

Stormer is the nicest of the Misfits. She is the only one with any real talent in the group. Her low self-esteem though, keeps bringing her back to the Misfits.

Roxy is the toughest member of the Misfits. She grew up in a rough neighborhood and didn't learn how to read until she joined the Misfits. Because of this, she fit right in with the group.

Jetta is a pathological liar from England who plays a mean saxophone. She loves being mean and gave the Misfits that mean streak that they were missing. Jetta joined the Misfits when Raya joined the Holograms.

Jem Hall
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